Young-wook Jun, Ph. D.
Associate Professor

Young-wook Jun attended Yonsei University in Korea, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1999. He did his graduate studies at the Korea Advances Institute of Science, where he worked under the supervision of Professors Sang Youl Kim and Jinwoo Cheon. His Ph.D. thesis concerned the chemistry of nanocrystals. He carried out postdoctoral studies with Prof. Paul Alivisatos at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2007 and it was at this time that he first began research related to single molecule imaging using nanocrystal probes. In 2010, he joined the faculty of UCSF, where he is presently Associate Professor. He received the Endowed Hemming Fellowship, Sandler-UCSF New Frontier Research Award, and IUPAC Young Chemist-Honorable Mention Award. His research focuses on nanoprobing systems to investigate spatiotemporal dynamics of cell signaling involved in cellular developments such as gene regulation, cell-to-cell communications, and neuron circuit formation.
Email:, Phone: (415) 476-8682


WonJi Gu, B.S.
Y-IBS graduate student 

B.S.    Chemistry 
          Yonsei University (2017)

Research Topic: Monovalent magnetofluorescent nanoparticles






Minsuk Kwak, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering 
         Yale University (2016)
B.S.    Bioengineering 
          Rice University (2011)

Research Topic: Spatiomechanical regulation of T cell receptor signaling





Heekyung Jeong, B.S.
Y-IBS graduate student 

B.S.    Chemistry/Biochemistry 
          Yonsei University (2015)

Research Topic: Plasmonic systems to probe single molecule rotational and translation dynamics






Hyun Jung Lee, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Biology 
         Yonsei University (2011)
B.S.    Biology 
          Sookmyng Women's University (2001)

Research Topic: Axonal specification of neuron cells




Kaden Southard, B.S.
CCB Graudate Student

B.S.   Chemistry 
         Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2011)

Research Topic: Single molecule dynamics of Notch in live cells







   Former Members

Thomas Haas (2012-2017, SRA)                          Scientist, Zymergen

Daeha Seo (2011-2016, postdoc)                        Assistant Professor, DGIST

Junguk Lee (2015-2016, visiting student)            Graduate student, Yonsei University

Jason Fabbri (2012-2014, postdoc)              

Hyunho Lee (2013, visiting professor)                  Associate Professor, Myungji University

Hanki Lee (2011-2012, postdoc)                          Assistant Professor, Myungji University

Jiwook Kim (2011-2012, visiting student)            Graduate student, Yonsei University

Bryan Liang (2011-2012, SRA)                             Engineer/Metallurgist, Element Materials Technology

Sabrina Cheng (2011-2012, SRA)                         Engineer, Baxter Healthcare